Harumi Murakami Laboratory


Osaka City University (1998-)

  • Subject World on the Web (2018-)
    with HIRATA Takashi, NAKAMURA Hiroko
  • indpired (2013-)
    with ISHITA Saeko, URA Yoshinobu, NAKAMURA Hiroko
  • NDC Navi (2010-)
    with URA Yoshinobu
  • BSH Suggest, NDLSH Suggest (2007-)
    with UEDA Hiroshi
  • NDC Suggest (2006-)
    with UEDA Hiroshi
  • Mobile Subject World: Subject World for Cellular-Phone OPAC (2004-2014)
    with UEDA Hiroshi
  • Subject World: A System for Visualizing OPAC (1999-)
    with HIRATA Takashi and UEDA Hiroshi
  • Talking-NAGATACHO: A Virtual Dialog System for Politician Agents (1999-)
    with HIRATA Takashi
  • Memory-Organizer: A System for Constructing Externalized-Memory (1999-)
    with HIRATA Takashi, et al.

NAIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology) (1995-1998)

  • CoMeMo-Community: A System for Knowledge Sharing for Community (1997-2000)
    with NISHIDA Toyoaki and HIRATA Takashi
  • CoMeMo: A System for Construcrting Human Everyday Memory (1997-2000)
    with NISHIDA Toyoaki, HIRATA Takashi and KAJIHARA, Masao
  • InfoCommon: A System for Information Sharing for Community (1996)
    with NISHIDA Toyoaki, TAKEDA Hideaki, SAWADA Atsushi, ADACHI Hidekazu and KAJIHARA Masao
  • CM-2: A System for Personal Information Management (1995-1997)
    with NISHIDA Toyoaki, KOUJITANI Kazuto and HIRATA Takashi

UMIST (University of Manchester Institite of Science and Technology) (1992-1994)

  • Graphic Browser for the Barts Data: A System for Map Retrieval System for United Kingdom

Fujitsu Limited (1986-1995)

The main work is listed here.

  • "Firemap" Series: Fujitsu Image Map Retrieval System for Fire-fighting (Software Package Products)